Press Release

Daicel-Evonik’s PEEK Resin VESTAKEEP Adopted for Japanese-made high-performance liquid chromatography columns Provides major increases in productivity as Japan's first injection-molded PEEK column


  • Endcap frit colomn body made of VESTAKEEP
  • High pressure inert type * Inner layer is VESTAKEEP

VESTAKEEP provides:

A metal substitute , which does not elute contaminants

Excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength

High productivity by injection molding


VESTAKEEP, a PEEK resin from Daicel-Evonik Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Andre Noppe) has been adopted by Chemites Corporation (Head Office: Oume-shi, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yoko Sekiguchi) for use in high-performance-plastic columns for their high-performance liquid chromatography.

As the analytical techniques used in high-performance liquid chromatography improved, trace metal ions eluted from conventional stainless steel columns, as well as the attachment of components to the columns have been acknowledged as being problematic. Such contamination can be eliminated by using columns made from PEEK resin VESTAKEEP.

In addition, a PEEK resin VESTAKEEP column maintains a high level of rigidity which keeps the body of the column from deforming even when organic solvent at a pressure of 35 MPa passes through it. VESTAKEEP columns can be manufactured using injection molding, whereas the conventional PEEK columns manufactured using  extrusion molding followed by a cutting process. This difference greatly improves productivity.

VESTAKEEP, when used as the inner layer of columns designed for ultra-high pressure of 100 MPa, prevents the substances in the column from directly coming into contact with the metal used as the outer layer of the column body.

Chromatography, which separates each component in a sample mixture in order to quantify the content and to determine the content ratio, is widely used in a wide variety of fields including pharmaceutical, food, environment, chemicals, and transportation equipment. Daicel-Evonik will continue to offer high-performance polymers that meet the requirements for highly accurate, next-generation analytical techniques.