Press Release

Daicel-Evonik’s PEEK Resin VESTAKEEP®-J Adopted by Tsubaki Yamakyu Chain in their World’s First All-PEEK Resin Conveyor Chain


  • Conveyor modular chain made of 100% PEEK Resin VESTAKEEP-J


Daicel-Evonik’s (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo; President: André Noppe) PEEK Resin VESTAKEEP-J has been adopted by Tsubaki Yamakyu Chain’s (Head Office: Minato, Tokyo; President: Ken Omori) world’s first all-PEEK Resin plastic modular chain (hereinafter: “chain“).


Traditionally, metal has been used for pin materials which connect link materials (conveying surface). The all-PEEK Resin chain employs highly rigid VESTAKEEP-J not only for the link material but also for the pin material, thereby reducing its weight to the lowest ever. Further, since the chain does not use any metal, it enables use of metal detectors to detect metals mixed in products or foods being conveyed during an inspection process and this contributes to improvement in the safety of various daily commodities and foods.


VESTAKEEP-J pin material, which contains fluorine, exerts a higher abrasion resistance. This means it is suitable for use in environments requiring quietness during operation. In addition, since it does not require any lubrication, which is necessary for metal link materials and pin materials, it allows for a dry and clean environment.


By making use of the high chemical resistance and low outgassing properties of VESTAKEEP-J in addition to its high strengh, high abrasion resistance and heat resistance, it is possible to apply it not only to production processes of cooking devices that use steam and products requiring a fragrance, but also to a variety of conveyor chains for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the manufacturing process of medical products, nuclear power-related fields, and more.


Daicel-Evonik aims to gain further confidence and continues to provide customers with meticulous technical support.